APCPA Membership Creed

As Certified Public Accountants in Active Public Practice:

WE BELIEVE that honesty and integrity of the Certified Public Accountant are fundamental.

WE BELIEVE in dedication to the protection of clients and the public through adherence to high professional standards.

WE BELIEVE in devotion to the financial welfare of our clients through proper advice, counsel and guidance.

WE BELIEVE in the inviolability of our clients’ confidence.

WE BELIEVE in the advancement and increased public recognition of the practicing Certified Public Accountant through continuing professional education and participation in public affairs.

WE BELIEVE in our obligation to fellow practitioners in improving the profession through exchange of ideas assistance and cooperation, and in betterment of client and employee relationships.

To all of these WE PLEDGE our compliance, not only with the letter but the spirit and intent, without evasion or mental reservation.